Ozone Super Water System

Ozone Super Water System
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Pure Hyper-oxygenated Home Super Water System- Model OziPure 2000

Imagine having your own Ozone Pure Super Water System  to produce Germ Free, Bacteria Free, Virus Free, Chemical Free Oxygen Rich Super Water at the rate of ¾ gallon a minute in your kitchen or wherever you travel.

Never Buy Bottled Water again!  Save Thousands of Dollars on your Bottled Water expenses! Tomorrows Technology Today!

Light weight, portable, user friendly, easy to install-directly on the faucet, requires no tools. 

OziPure 2000 Super Water System Process of Purification:
Tap water is diverted to QFL Ozipure 2000 using a diverter valve. The 3-stage filter in the unit removes turbidity, chlorine, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, iron and other chemicals. This clean water is passed through a very small nozzle to break it down in very small bubbles. These small bubbles are then mixed with ozone generated in the unit (A Patented Process of Ozone Generation in the unit is used). Because the water bubbles are very small, the ozone mixes in the water almost instantaneously. Ozone in the water kills germs, bacteria, viruses and other water borne microbes in seconds. The excess ozone gets converted in to oxygen. The result is oxygen rich Super Water at the rate of ¾ Gallons per minute.

What is Super Water?
The QFL Model OziPure 2000 produces super water like no other water in the world. This water is thousand times better than bottled water. It can be used not only for drinking but for so many therapeutic applications, e.g., brushing your teeth to reduce bleeding gum problem, washing your mouth to reduce bad breath problem, soaking your feet to reduce athlete foot problem, drinking to cleans and detoxify your internal body, washing fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, kitchen counter to remove germs, bacteria, viruses and much more

Removes bacteria, crystosporidium, cholera, giardia, E-coli, and other waterborne microbes
Removes bad taste odor and sediments
Removers chlorine, arsenic, MTBE and other chemicals
Meets the strict criteria of bottled water regulations and produces oxygen rich pure water

Germ Free, Bacteria Free, Chlorine Free Chemical Free Oxygen Rich Water in your kitchen
Ozone acts 3000 times faster than chlorine and is the strongest oxidant commercially available for air & water treatment
There is simply no better way to truly purify water and food than with ozone
99% percent of all bacteria in drinking water can be killed with ozone water treatments
Water filters don't have the ability to actually kill any bacteria in water. Even if you filter water, it is not safe of deadly bacteria
"Chlorination, used in most every municipal system, kills or inactivates viruses as well as bacteria like E-coli and salmonella. It does not kill anthrax spores. Some plants also treat water with ozone, which is more effective in killing protozoans like crypto." Newsweek

Distillers can kill bacteria, but are often made cheaply, and are hard to clean. 
They don't last very long under daily use, and tend to break down within the first year of use.

Use Water From OziPure 2000 to:

Drink pure oxygen rich water 
Make tea, coffee, soups and dilute fruit juices.

Other Uses Of Ozone Water:

In The Kitchen

Wash fruits, vegetables, and poultry
Wash cutting boards
Wash counter tops
...to get rid of bacteria and germs.

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